Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm pretty good in controlling my addiction ( Self-confirmation)

Since my year 3 heavy consumptions of coffee. The following year, I've managed to control and only enjoy coffee when I sit down in Cafe. Well, just a few cups of 3 in 1 Old Town White Coffee during my final papers which also limit to one per day.

As I steps into working life, it seems that everyone need a cup of coffee daily, and they find it weird that I don't take any coffee or tea in the office. They were so surprised to know I was such a heavy addictions to coffee and yet managed to control myself not to indulges in it daily.

3 years back, I still can fall asleep the next minute I laid on my bed even though I just had espresso few minutes ago. I'm now so afraid to take in any caffeine after 3pm, as it caused me sleepless night.

I used to have a very bad addiction as well, thanks to my audio group friends. I was poisoned with listening to headphones and good quality music. >.< This 2 must come in a group, good quality with lousy speaker won't get me addicted; lousy music quality file with good headphone, will just made you feel like throwing your headphone away with those noise buzzing around.

As I'm currently working in heavy noise surrounding, I've avoided usage of headphone during off hour. Also with my laptop's lousy speaker, I won't really crave for the music addiction.

Well. There is always exceptional case, where my friend shared my favourite type of music, which normal speaker can't satisfied my crave. I'll always feel there is something is lacking, where the details in the music will make it sounds more terrific. Lazy bump me will look for my es-7 and listen it for a few days to satisfy the crave. Such addiction even hit me middle of the night. =.=

I'm passing my es-7 to my brother for his study in Melbourne.

Let's hope the crave don't hit in the wrong time, when I don't have es-7 .
*Browsing through headphones, maybe is time for a new headphone...


jin tat said...

Well done on controls. I reckon continue with the good music and headphones though. Good way to release. Just don't on too loud lor. ;p

chin ying said...

haha. Sorry for the late reply, I seldom check out my own blog. =P

headphones in melbourne right now, any headphone to recommend me?