Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm pretty good in controlling my addiction ( Self-confirmation)

Since my year 3 heavy consumptions of coffee. The following year, I've managed to control and only enjoy coffee when I sit down in Cafe. Well, just a few cups of 3 in 1 Old Town White Coffee during my final papers which also limit to one per day.

As I steps into working life, it seems that everyone need a cup of coffee daily, and they find it weird that I don't take any coffee or tea in the office. They were so surprised to know I was such a heavy addictions to coffee and yet managed to control myself not to indulges in it daily.

3 years back, I still can fall asleep the next minute I laid on my bed even though I just had espresso few minutes ago. I'm now so afraid to take in any caffeine after 3pm, as it caused me sleepless night.

I used to have a very bad addiction as well, thanks to my audio group friends. I was poisoned with listening to headphones and good quality music. >.< This 2 must come in a group, good quality with lousy speaker won't get me addicted; lousy music quality file with good headphone, will just made you feel like throwing your headphone away with those noise buzzing around.

As I'm currently working in heavy noise surrounding, I've avoided usage of headphone during off hour. Also with my laptop's lousy speaker, I won't really crave for the music addiction.

Well. There is always exceptional case, where my friend shared my favourite type of music, which normal speaker can't satisfied my crave. I'll always feel there is something is lacking, where the details in the music will make it sounds more terrific. Lazy bump me will look for my es-7 and listen it for a few days to satisfy the crave. Such addiction even hit me middle of the night. =.=

I'm passing my es-7 to my brother for his study in Melbourne.

Let's hope the crave don't hit in the wrong time, when I don't have es-7 .
*Browsing through headphones, maybe is time for a new headphone...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

With Love

I'm missing my dear friends...

I've so much to say, so little focus time span to write you an email just like I used to.
"Dear friends,

I never write to you doesn't means I don't miss you. You always pop up in my mind randomly, here and there, which urges me to write to you, to bug you with my daily details, all the tiny little things, the happy , the sad, the fun n fear.

I just wish things get better once Raya holiday is over, hopefully I'm not continuously overloaded with works that supposed to share by 5 instead of 2.

With Love,

Just like I've so many dreams, so many targets in my life, and I'm moving my steps as if I'm a disabled person.

I hope this announcement to myself will marks a beginning of my plan.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year~

Happy New Year~

Officially graduated from University. Four years of university life, time to come to an end. =)

Thanks my family and friends for all the wishes, for graduation, Christmas and New Year!
May all you stay in good health and cheers always.

First January of 2011

Looking back at the photos on facebook, things changed pretty fast, aren't there? Or to be blame on time that just flies?

I learnt much through this 4 years, the uni life, the transition state towards adult. As always, I am always grateful of what I been through, and glad I am brought up the way I am. Especially love the advice my mom gave, what ever you learn, it might not be useful right now, but you will never know in the future.

Thank God that I am given time and widen my eyes in many prospect. Giving me obstacles and let me grow up in pain, which is necessary. Yet surrounds me with supportive friends. Thanks my parents that allow me to have my own freedom and privacy.

I am allowed sufficient time to observe people, and get to see the truth behind, allowed to stay out of trouble and watch things happened. I don't mean to be evil, just to stand there and watch things happened. There are always stuff that we are not supposed to mess with, especially is none of our business. I managed to achieve the change I wish early of the year, ' stay out of trouble that is none of my biz'.

Physically.. gains fat... and sis's friend was suspecting I had plastic surgery when they compared my photos. Seriously... speechless.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The waiting...

2nd of December

Will it be the end of my 4 years university life?

Well well.. It struck me with surprise again.. Almost once a year, the WES ( the website that released result) will surprised me. It never fail to do so... even on my final semester.

I forced myself not to sleep early on the night before, as I know I won't be able to do anything on the day result is released. I was being paranoid and kept pressing refresh and refresh and REFRESH...

and TAH DA...

The surprise is...

My result is not fully release yet. My Final Year Project's result is WH (with held), which means it is not released yet. I was panicked and emailed my supervisor, according to him, I have passed my subject, should be the 2nd marker haven't submit my research paper's mark. That email make me feel so relief. With the further confirmation from Nicole, the engineering admin, this is pretty common, I shall not worry and the only thing I can do is WAIT.

Hopefully what lies before me is really the good news.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


20th October 2010 (20102010)

Happy 20102010~
Well.. just another reason to wish everyone a happy day, and you don't get another 20102010 again in your life, don't ya?

Wednesday of Week 13 - Last week of final semester for this 4 years of study.

Finally, it is coming to an end. ( Seriously hope I don't need to see MU anymore next year. =P)
Already fed up.. numb... with all this inhumane life style as an engineering student. However, I guess it is really a personal decision on how to live a life, there were time I lived like a normal human during this 4 years of study.

2 days to go.. and I am pretty done with my report and paper. I am so fed up with it, I actually printed it. WRONGLY for 2-3 copies.. Wasted 15 dollar on printing.. and now I have 150 over A4 paper as scrap paper in my last week of final semester.. What am I going to do with it? Wonder can I finish it with my study for final examination.

haha.. as acknowledgment that I can't type in my final report...
I would like to thank my fake/temporary supervisor, which monitor my progress on report writing. Hence I am able to finish it early.. and so free to type this meaningless post.

Also Pat who volunteer to edit my paper. If you didn't offer the help, I might have submitted my final report and paper just as it was.. I was just so lazy to proof read it.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Chocolate's Day


One week has passed since final exam is over. Most of the students of Clayton campus are now enjoying themselves under the hot sun with Malaysia's food and HOME SWEET HOME~ I admit I was a little home sick previously with all the uncertainties in my mind.

Well~ For now, we are enjoying ourselves here as well. =) Don't try to tempt us with Malaysia foods, it won't work.. =P

For the past one week, I have been indulging in foods. >.<

We went to Lygon Street for Nasi Lemak House. The mamak mee goreng and nasi lemak kelantan are good. Just a slight of regret in trusting Jason's level of spiciness, we should have go for most spicy as we found medium not spicy at all.

Thanks to YC for delivered us Hokkien mee and pineapple fried rice and he baked cupcakes. =) Sorry for those who missed it. =P

Next, we went to Richmond for breakfast~ which is highly recommended by Jason.

I didn't try to coffee as I was told it was just so so~ and according to the one who tried it, is a no no. I ordered the pumpkin tofu pie and the special poached egg breakfast. The breakfast is just normal, but the pumpkin tofu pie was a surprise. It is topped with a soury sweet with cinnamon taste topping, and warm pumpkin blend with chunky bites of almonds served in the pie. It is quite a personal choice, as people who don't like cinnamon might not like it. I would think is fine when u mix the topping and pumpkin blend together. At least, I kind of love it. =)

We also found a great cafe for breakfast in the city, this cafe is so hidden that we wouldn't have notice it if it was not recommended by a friend. We were initially shocked by the look and the surrounding of the cafe, and yet we went in. We knew we are in the right place when we smell the coffee the moment we stepped in the cafe.

The cappuccino, latte and mocha are good. I personally feel is better than building 75 coffee.. Actually I feel building 75 coffee is the best in campus, but if out of campus, I will think the cafe beside Carnegie train station, De graves coffee and this newly found cafe are better. Personally I like this one just nice for me as I find De graves coffee too thick, Carnegie too sweet for me ( I'll request less sugar next time). The foods here are good too and the price is reasonable.

Something like quinche with spinach and cheese.

Slow cooked lamb with Penne.

Something similar to Foccacia, but this sesame bun taste real good!

One thing I like about this cafe, the foods are not really very salty, a very nice place to hang out as well. Next we headed to San Churro where we were blessed with luck. =)

We took our own sweet time in front of the counter thinking which cakes should we try...
and the guy working in SC was so kind to recommend us this:

The Fried Truffles~

We are so honoured to be the first customer to try it as it is not on the menu yet. He even showed me his kitchen manual as I requested to have a closer look at the photo. I should have memorize the recipe. =P This is so heavenly good! The crunchy yet not hard bite at the outer surface, chocolate melting inside, with a soft texture with bit of saltiness in the middle are perfect combination. Since it is fried food, we thought it will be hot, but it is not. I am drooling as I am describing it. This is definitely a surprise of the day and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try when is available. Please don't b surprise you are not serve with the chocolate dip when you order as it is not suppose to be there.

The significant dish of San Churro, the churro dip. It can be served with cinnamon or icing sugar topping. As one of us hate cinnamon, we ordered the icing sugar topping.

The Bailey Chocolate Cheese cake, this combination reminds me of Tiramisu. This cake is very cheesy, the biscuit crumb is really thick. It is best to share it with such thick cheesy taste cake. It is one of the best of the day as well. =) The cake can be served with chocolate dip as well, however I would think it will spoil the cake if it is add with chocolate dip.

Next stop, from the hairy San Churro to the bald Max Brenner. =P
We were told by Hui that the icon of Max Brenner is actually drawn with just one line.
At this point, I was actually very fulled of chocolate.

The Banana split sundae with waffle.

I was so full of chocolate that I feel sick just by the thought of drinking chocolate. These were ordered by Hui and YC. Arabian night and Pineapple marshmallow thingy.. It is seriously a weird combination of pineapple and chocolate. I would think it is another personal taste thing, some might like it.

With so many chocolates in a day...... we shall declare today as CHOCOLATE DAY~
and we celebrated with sparkling candle ; )

Friday, May 28, 2010

28th of May 2010

Keat Ming was complaining that my blog is collecting dust, and is time to clean it. Well... I wish I have time to do so... as we don't even have time to sleep tonight.

It is 5.30am in Melbourne, we have a Sustainability Assignment and Refrigeration Project due at 2pm later, both from the same lecturer yet different units. Frankly speaking, I have not been much help in Refrigeration Project, the only we can do it to show moral support and helped as much as we can.

Refrigeration unit is pretty scary, most of us failed both of our tests, including me. Although I managed to cover up by other reports, the fear to fail the final examination is stressing us out. Even our mechanical god is only wishing for a Distinction in this unit. That's how horrible it is. Worst of all, the final paper for this unit is the first paper on the first day of examination. We only have less than two weeks to study for it, yet assignments and reports are not done. We still left with Progress Report due next Friday. I am just hoping for a Pass in this unit. I will be very happy if I managed to pass it.

Other than that, life has been treating me well. =) No worry about that. Something good about my self =P. I don't really feel home sick often. I enjoy where ever I am and what I am doing. I enjoyed Malaysia during summer, and I enjoy Melbourne life here now. Sometime I do think of Malaysia food or home, but normally I won't crave for it. Staying in good health this semester, no fever, no flu, just occasionally headache once or twice. =)

There is always up and down in life. Yes, there are things that disappointed me happened. Sometime there is some facts that you knew, but you are just too afraid to reveal it, and tried to cheat yourself about it. However, things could not be covered forever. There are time, I need to face the truth, accept the disappointment and learn to get through with it. That's life. ( Good point to note: there are always true friends around to support you whenever you are in trouble or you are troubled by something. Thanks Buddies~)

While I am away from Malaysia, things seems to be very happening back there. From family to friends, good things.. bad things.. Just wish everyone is doing well. Good luck in examination, life and stay healthy =)

We only have one life to live.
May be we shouldn't be too stubborn or particular on some stuff.
May be we shouldn't take it too seriously.
May be we should just try our very best and say " Yeah, I tried my best and I am not going to regret"
That's good enough.
Isn't it?

* I bought a new baby, Audio-Technica es-7, is cheaper compared to Malaysia, and it definitely worth the value.
* I thinking how should I cut my hair, should be keeping it til July, which is after examination. However, I have no idea what style I should have after this.
* I slacked on Final Year Project for month since Easter Break, however, managed to cope and I guess I am not doing that badly compared with another student who doing same topic as me. He is supposed to finish his project this semester, yet he is on the same pace as me this week. I guess he is pretty screwed. Just hopefully my project report goes well, going to start this weekend.
Note: my supervisor is really a very nice guy. He greet me by my name and a big smile whenever he see me outside the class. He don't threaten or scold us like other supervisor did. Guess I am pretty lucky. =P
* going to stock up instant noodles and junk foods for examination period this weekend. I guess I'll gain back the weight I lost during examination period. Who cares as long as I pass my examination.
* Still considering between PR and going back Malaysia.
* Still thinking positively. =)